Proposed AT&T Cellular Tower

On Tuesday July 11th, 2017 the Planning Board held a hearing, and have now forwarded the matter on to the Martha's Vineyard Commission for further review, as required. At the hearing, ATT presented their plan, which calls for a tower that would be about 15 feet above the current temporary tower and which would have a number of external antennae. Verizon also presented their views in support of the tower and their interest in co-locating on the tower. Roger Becker presented his views against the plan, and the meeting was adjourned without further discussion.

Residents have been sending emails and letters to the Planning Board indicating their support for or against the plan. As of a recent count, as of July 11th their were 64 letters in favor, and 31 that were against the plan (though 15 of these were asking for consideration of modifications of the plan). Concerns that have been expressed by some of those against the plan is that the proposed design will be more intrusive because height and use of external antennae, and the potential for future increases in tower height, depending on the final approval. This process will likely take significant additional time, and members can write to the Planing Board to express their views. As there are some residents in favor and some against, the CIA Board seeks to provide updates to members so that members may express their individual views.

To send an email to the planning board please email:

For your information all documents regarding the correspondence concerning the proposed AT&T cell tower may be found on the Edgartown website:   downloads/category/chappy-cell 

We will continue to keep members informed of future meetings as they are scheduled.