Bobwhite Quail on Chappy

Bobwhite quail were once prevalent on Chappaquiddick, but development and predators (Hawks, skunks, cats and originally hunters) have reduced the population substantially.  In recent years several Islanders have been releasing young chicks with two goals in mind.  First, the quail feed on small insects, including ticks, and may help reduce tick levels over time.  A number of towns in New England have been releasing the birds with tick control in mind.    Second, the birds are a lovely part of the natural ecosystem, both visually and with their distinctive bob-white call.  Young chicks can be purchased from a number of growers, and released as young adults around July 1.  A group of Islanders has been ordering chicks delivered on Chappy by John Tuomala.  These can be ordered through his e-mail

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