Coastal Resiliency Programming at The Farm Institute

The Trustees are hosting a couple of programs this summer to share information about their approach to coastal resiliency at The Farm Institute.

To encourage Chappy families to attend they will even have shuttle buses from the Chappy Ferry point to and from The Farm Institute! There will be food and a short cooking demonstration at the new teaching kitchen.

Tuesday, July 23 6:30-8pm

Saturday, August 10, 10-11:30am

If you or other Chappy friends are interested, please RSVP with Annika Burgess ( to reserve your seats.

Private Electrical Lines Update

In an effort to keep our members up to date on this issue, the following is updated information we have previously communicated. There are 3 documents:

1)   Overview of current status of private electrical service written by Dennis Golden, Chappy resident whose road association recently transferred ownership of their private electrical service to Eversource

2)   Email from Representative Dylan Fernandez summarizing meeting his office held last August

3)   Link to MV Times article about Chappy electrical service

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CIA Spring Newsletter

A Message from the The Board

Spring has finally arrived on Chappy, and the summer season will soon be with us. The Board of the CIA would like to update you on several important issues for islanders as well as tell you about some new events. As the summer season approaches, the CIA will continue to reach out to new and long-term residents to get input and share new information about topics of interest. Our two community meetings for this year are schedule for July 6 and August 3, with coffee service beginning at 8:00 AM and the meeting at 9:00 AM. We look forward to seeing you there.

Here is the link to our Spring Newsletter


The Board of the Chappaquiddick Island Association

Comcast for Chappy

UPDATEAs of 2017 Comcast now provides cable/phone/internet service and they can be contacted directly. New installations will need to provide the same capital commitment as original subscribers of $2,139 and commit to a 2 year base rate subscription.

The CIA board supports the proposal by Comcast to extend cable service to Chappaquiddick Island, with the provision that 270 resident owners meet the financial and subscription requirements of the agreement between Comcast and the Town of Edgartown. We are guided by the desire of many Chappy residents who want cabling and the advantages of high speed Internet to enhance professional, business, educational and family communications, as well as property values. We encourage residents to join us in a community effort to accomplish this goal.

Comcast has begun cabling Chappaquiddick and expects to finish the job by June of 2016.  Approximately 190 households will begin their subscriptions with Comcast at that time or sooner. 

As of November 2015 Comcast has started a 3 step process for those individuals who have subscribed. 

STEP ONE: Call or email Michael or Ralph, contact info below, to schedule a SRO (site reviews). You cannot call 1-800-COMCAST, you MUST call either person listed below.

Michael Harney - 508-431-3360

Ralph Cistoldi - 508-207-7087

STEP TWO: After the initial visit, you will receive a call to go through the services that you would like to order, and scheduling a time for install. Again you will need someone at your site when the installation work takes place to hook up phones, TV, and internet (or whichever of the services you choose)

You can choose when to schedule both of these appointments. There is a week or so time frame between the first visit and the installation visit (the time between could be longer if you wait until summer). One suggestion would be to do the first walk through visit sooner, and then schedule the equipment install closer to the time you will be needing the service.

STEP THREE: Comcast will install the services you ordered for your home. Then, enjoy your new service.